Simply Healthy Cooking

My intention in writing this collection of recipes is to provide the reader with a starting point to better health.

Healthy eating doesn't mean 'diet'; it does mean exactly what it says.

The aim of the recipes is to show that good healthy food, in it's preparation and cooking, can be simple, nutritious, and - most of all - enjoyable.

Simply Healthy Cooking by Julie Sargent - quick and simple recipes  for healthy eating
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The basis of all good food is really simple: BUY LOCAL, BUY FRESH, and, where possible, BUY ORGANIC.

Finding a source of good food isn't difficult. We now have farmers' markets, where the producer sells direct to the customer; we also have box schemes, where food can be delivered direct to your door.
Look for a local butcher or fishmonger, where you can deal direct with the expert, who can also advise and help with any enquiries
A good butcher/fishmonger should be able to tell you the source of his produce.

You owe it to yourself to do the best for your body if you want to stay healthy. Go on, cook - you'll love it!

Simply Packed Lunches

Changing the way we eat is the first step to a healthier life. Why have "junk" food when preparing and cooking "good" food is a simple step away. Encouraging children to be involved in preparing and cooking their lunches and snacks is also a postitive step that is simple to achieve. Good health and that of our children is the most improtant thing we achieve so don't waste the oportunity! The book helps with lots of simple, healthy and inexpensive packed lunch ideas and recipes.

Simply Packed Lunches

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Julie Sargent

"Healthy eating doesn't mean 'diet'; it does mean exactly what it says."
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