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My name is Julie Sargent, I have been a practicing nutritional therapist since 1998, fully qualified in Nutritional Medicine and Allergy Testing.

Nutritional Therapy/Medicine treats health problems by taking the body as a whole, and treats naturally through diet. Nutritional Therapy isn't new, our bodies were never designed to use processed, prepackaged food as a source for maintaining a healthy body. We are designed to eat fresh, seasonal, whole foods.

The natural way of treating disease and maintaining health, is based on a return to nature. By regulating your diet, the vitality and health of the body is raised, together with a strengthened immune system.

There is widespread belief among Environmental Medicine workers that the dramatic rise in diseases is directly linked to our poor diet. The depletion of minerals and trace elements, and the extensive use of chemicals, has resulted in poor quality soil in which food is grown.

The road to good health is simple, but does take time. There isn't any magic pill that will resolve your problems overnight as many problems have evolved over years in some cases. Initially changing your diet may seem difficult, but I know from my experience and that of my patients, that good health can be achieved.
Changing the way we obtain, prepare and cook our food is vital. Taking time to cook healthily is the key.Simply Cooking Book
As the result of my ongoing belief in eating healthily, and following continued requests, I've written a book, 'Simply Healthy Cooking', based on simple day to day recipes for the whole family, the book is intended to help you to move to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we have.


"Our bodies are made of the materials that go into them.
Is your diet right for you?"
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